Seabuckthorn Seabuckthorn

• Seabuckthorn has high-nutritional and medicinal values due to its very rich antioxidant property.

• Seabuckthorn is a widely used plant in traditional medicine for various clinical condition.

• Seabuckthorn is trusted by Cosmonauts / Taikonauts for more than 50 years

Seabuckthorn – Internationally Acknowledged Seabuckthorn – Internationally Acknowledged

1. 1961: Since 1961 till today, USSR and China astronauts have been using Seabuckthorn as supplement to prevent the hazardous effects from space radiation.
2. 1977: The Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China added Seabuckthorn into the Pharmacopoeia of the People’s Republic of China
3. 1988: The formation of ICRTS ( International Centre for Research and Training on Seabuckthorn)
4. 1989:The first International Seabuckthorn Symposium in Xi’an, China
5. 1993:The second International Seabuckthorm Symposium in Novosibirsk, China
6. 1999:The Formation of ISA ( International Seabuckthorn Association) to replace ICRTS
7. 2003:The first ISA Conference was held in Berlin, Germany
8. 2005:The second ISA Conference was held in Beijing, China
9. 2007: The third ISA Conference was held in Quebec, Canada
10. 2009:The fourth ISA Conference was held in Belokurikha, Altai Territory, Russian Federation
11. 2010:The fifth ISA conference was held in Xining, Qinghai Province, China

Nutrient Compounds Nutrient Compounds

•Carbohydrate : Mainly comprises of simple sugar which essential for energy production and unique active mucopolysaccharides that boost our body immune system.

•Protein: Contains 18 types of amino acids especially a complete list of all 8 essential amino acids.

•Fats: Contains complete essential fatty acids ranging from beneficial Omega 3, 6,7 & 9

•Vitamins: Contains all 4 types of fat soluble vitamins( A,D,E and K) and 7 types of water soluble vitamins ( B1,B2,B5,B12,Folic Acid, Biotin and C).Rich in folic acid ( vitamin B9) which is crucial for DNA repair and regeneration. It also contains the largest amount of Vitamin C and Beta- Carotene among all foods on earth

•Minerals: Contains 10 out of 14 essential minerals ( Potassium, Sodium, Calcium, Chromium, Magnesium, Zinc, Ferum, Manganese, Copper and Molybdenum)

-Flavonoids: Contains 7 different types serve as powerful antioxidant
-Organic Acid: Malic, Oxalic and Succinic Acids have the function of liver protection and relieving the poison and side effect of antibiotics and other drugs
-Lecithin: Helps in fats metabolism , prevent fatty liver and cirrhosis of liver
-Carotenoids: Together with the naturally occurring Vitamin E and essential Fatty Acids, it promotes faster wound healing plus prevent inflammation and ulcer formation

A series of powerful antioxidants with ORAC value reaching 70,000 ORAC units.
( Note: ORAC – Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity is a measurement of how strong is an antioxidant. The US Department of Agriculture recommends people to consume 5,000 ORAC Units everyday)

Main Benefits: Main Benefits:

-Antioxidant Properties
-Antibacterial Properties
-Antiulcer Properties
-Anti-Inflammatory Properties
-Anti-Cancer Properties
-Hepatoprotective Properties
-Strengthen Cardiac Function
-Antihypertensive Effect
-Promote Healing Effect
-Promote Skin Health ( Have effected on symptoms of Atopic Dermatitis)
-Anti-Atherogenic and Hypoglycemic Activity

Food SourcesVitamin A Content ( IU/100g) Beta Carotene
Seabuckthorn Berry Oil 122,400
Liver, Beef43,900
Liver, Calf22,500
Chili Peppers21,600
Dandelion Root14,000
Liver, Chicken12,000
Apricots , dried 10,900
Collard Greens9,300

(Source: Encyclopaedia of Nutritional Supplements& Rich Nature Lab)

Food SourcesVitamin C Content( mg/100g)Comparison
Kiwi50-2803-17 times higher
Tomato10-5515-80 times higher
Apple25-4020-35 times higher
Grape4200 times higher
Hawthorn 3020 times higher
Pear2-18400 times higher


Food SourcesORAC Value
Seabuckthorn 70,000
English Walnut13,541
Cranberry, Raw9,090
Soybeans, Raw5,409
Blueberry, Raw4,669
Strawberry, Raw4,302
Red Grapes1,837


= To extract the ingredients with pure, free from solvents, high concentrated with active nutrients

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