The 5 Main Theories

Seabuckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides L.) :
Solution For The 5 Main Theories Behind Ageing and Diseases

Cytology Information:

Any disruption in our DNA will eventually cause premature ageing or diseases

Seabuckthorn provides important nutrients which required by DNA for Synthesis, Repair and Protection such as folic acid and nucleic acid.

Genetic Theory:

Cell requires nutrients to function and live to its optimum lifespan

Seabuckthorn provides essential and balance nutrients for our body function

Immunology Theory:

Foreign pathogenic organism and cancerous cells pose great danger to our health

Seabuckthorn is renowned to boost white blood cells ( Body immune system) through activation and recognition to fight against potential threat to our body.

Free Radical Theory:

Free Radical has been identified as the main culprit of almost every kind of diseases.

Seabuckthorn provides a synergistic combination of antioxidants to repel and guard against free radicals damage

Endocrinology Theory:

Our body metabolism equilibrium is achieved through balance hormone secretion.

Seabuckthorn provides all the necessary nutrients to be utilized by body hormone glands for optimum regulation

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